3 Simple Steps to Creating a Successful Home Based Business

Starting a successful home business is an enormous task, but by following a few proven simple steps, you can get it done.The first step: Do some market research. Is there commercial viability in your market. IE. is someone else successful doing it. If that’s the case, you just need to do it better or more consistently. In the online market place we refer to it as dominating the conversation in your market. Be out there a more than the other guy (or gal) as little as 5% more and you will take over the market. Five percent, that’s it but it’s a pretty powerful number over time.After proving that commercial viability (that it is making money for someone) consistency is the next step. Consistently working at your business, not just being busy. Sound like common sense, but when most start a new endeavor in the home or Internet business world they spend more time checking their stats to confirm that they didn’t make a sale or a get a new lead.Consistently advertise every day. Sounds basic, but you need to put a link to your website or a phone number to your business each and every day, no exceptions. More links = More money.Lastly, focus your mind. That’s right, your mind will be your biggest obstacle. Very often, after the first few weeks in business (at least the home based type) people get bored, frustrated and quit.What happened to that excitement of that you had when you first started? When you would have done anything to succeed no matter what it took, you were going to be at the top. Psychologically there are quite a few reasons for this and that’s another article in and of itself, but in a nutshell, your reason “Why” wasn’t big enough and those negative thoughts start to creep in.If you had just bought a Dunkin Donuts franchise and had invested a few hundred thousand would give up and walk away in the first few weeks if wasn’t going as planned? So, why would you in your home business? I think for most it’s the fact that most usually only invested a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Makes it a bit easier to walk away from, not enough skin in the game so to speak.I’m getting off on a bit of a tangent here, but the reality is that you can be profitable and making a six figure income in 12 months or less with a model that is among the proven successful home based businesses. With a franchise you are looking at 3-5 years to recoup your investment and get into profit. So, clear your head and treat your home business like you invested 500k.Pretty basic stuff, in summary find a proven successful home business model, be persistent and consistent and stay focused.

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